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Non-invasive Vascular Laboratory in Office

Our accredited vascular lab performs duplex ultrasonography and other non-invasive tests to diagnose blockages or aneurysms in almost any artery in the body, along with diagnosing blood clots in veins (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT). This study eliminates the need for MRAs, CT scans, or invasive testing in most cases. Most other hospitals, even university medical centers, will require extra testing such as MRA or CT scan, before recommending treatment, whereas our vascular lab technologists are so experienced and skillful that we do not need additional testing in many cases, especially for blockages of the carotid, kidney, intestine, and leg arteries, and for clots in the veins (DVT).

Same day diagnosis

For your added convenience, studies in our laboratory can usually be performed the same day as physician evaluations.

Tests we offer

The following are non-invasive vascular laboratory tests we offer:

Arterial duplex ultrasound: aorta and carotid, kidney (renal), intestine (mesenteric), arm, and leg arteries
Venous duplex ultrasound: arms and legs to rule out blood clots (deep vein thrombosis = DVT)
Dialysis duplex ultrasound: to assess dialysis access sites
Laser Doppler
Segmental pressures and pulse volume recordings (PVRs)
Transcranial doppler (TCD): carotid arteries