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Vein Services

Vein Center

Physician and laboratory evaluations are performed at our office location at 7th and Spruce Streets. Most procedures, including those requiring local anesthesia, are performed on site in the office setting as well. Major vein stripping requiring general anesthesia is performed at Pennsylvania Hospital.

VNUS Closure

A minimally invasive, local anesthesia alternative to vein stripping surgery that is performed in the office. Learn more.


Removes varicose veins through tiny incisions under local anesthesia in our office.


Spider or reticular veins are closed by injecting with sclerosant solutions through tiny (nearly painless) needles in our office.

Eversion vein stripping

Standard operation for complete removal of saphenous vein, using technique to turn vein “inside-out” and minimize bleeding and trauma (performed in hospital).

Venous duplex mapping

Color flow ultrasound evaluation by registered vascular technologist (RVT) to accurately map vein reflux, to allow optimal treatment strategies.

Graded compression stockings

These products compress abnormal veins, either as definitive therapy or in conjunction with other treatments.