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For Referring Physicians

For Referring DoctorsFor Referring Physicians

Thank you for choosing to refer your patient to Pennsylvania Vascular Associates! We consider your referral to be the highest compliment, and we look forward to providing excellent and convenient care to your patient.

We understand that you have invested time and energy into building your relationship with your patient, and we recognize our role as helpful consultants who enhance that relationship. Our colleagues tell us that they continue to refer patients to us for these reasons:


We specialize in treatment of all vascular diseases including abdominal aortic aneurysms and other complicated conditions. we are the only type of vascular specialists who have the ability to offer patients all types of care: medical or non-interventional, minimally invasive (balloons, stents, stent grafts) and open surgical procedures. No other specialties can offer “one-stop shopping” for their vascular problems.

Thorough Evaluation

We are committed to expediting prompt and accurate evaluation of your patients’ vascular condition. We work closely with a network of specialists, and we can refer your patient for an appointment with another specialty, if needed, the same day that they see us.

Prompt Reporting

To further ensure proper continuity and care, we promise to call you directly the day that we evaluate your patient. We will provide feedback regarding your patient’s diagnosis, test results and recommended treatment.

Excellent Care

With many years of experience in vascular care and surgery, we have an excellent record in patient outcomes and offer the lowest complication rate for open or minimally invasive procedures as any medical center in the area. Additionally, we strive to create a good personal relationship with each patient.


Keith. D. Calligaro , Matthew J. Dougherty and Douglas A. Troutman